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Please note our boarding charges (not including Day Creche) will be increasing to

£25.00 per 24hrs as of

January 1st 2021

Charges & Booking as of January 2021

Kennel systems will only be fully allocated on receipt of roughly a 50% deposit

Day Crèche stays are payable in full prior to the stay

Remaining balance is due in full a month prior to stay

Deposits are non-refundable.

Boarding Rates

All bookings will be charged in blocks of 24 hours only.

Any stay of less than 2 days / 48 hours will incur an additional £5.00 charge per kennel

Minimum of 7 x 24hr stay during July & August

Minimum of 4 x 24hrs stays over any bank holidays

For example:

Monday am - Wednesday am = 2 x 24 hours = 2 x £25.00

Monday pm - Wednesday pm = 2 x 24 hours = 2 x £25.00

Monday pm - Tuesday am = 1 x 24 hours = 1 x £25.00 + £5.00

Monday pm - Tuesday pm = 1 x 24 hours = 1 x £25.00 + £5.00

Single Dog = £25.00

Double Dog = £40.00

(20% Discount if sharing the same kennel system)

Triple Dog = £52.50 after discount

(30% Discount if sharing the same kennel system)

If multiple dogs are not sharing the same kennel system a 10% discount will apply for any number of pets.

Please speak to us if you have more than 3 dogs or if you are looking for longer than a 30 day stay.

We are able to offer better rates where possible.