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New Dogs

For clients wishing to place a pet with us for the first time, we require 2 full days with us and an overnight stay

This allows you to ensure you are happy with the care and service we provide at the same time, as ourselves ensuring that your pet is happy and we are able to care for them as expected.

We ask that your pets are dropped off during the morning opening slot, which is 7-30 - 7-45 am, as this will allow then a full working day with us, before going to sleep..

Trial stays an only take place arriving on a Tuesday morning and collecting on a Wednesday 

Please arrive for 7.40am so that have time so deal with all of our day creche clients and spend a little more time with you all. 

Please feel free to call Andrea to discuss this in more depth 

If the trial stay goes well we can arrange an appointment for you to come to view our facilities.

Your pet is our first priority.