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License Number NWL/AB10

About Us

We've all learnt so much since launching our Boarding Kennels.

I'm always very eager to improve our services and by receiving so much positive feedback we think we're on the track. However it's the feedback that we receive that we can use to improve our services that's the most beneficial to us.

I decided that in order of priority we would offer our guests:



A clean environment


We initially offered just 2 walks a day, however we are now able to offer 3 walks. One before 8am, 10am & 6pm. Each dog is walked by one handler, whilst another member of staff makes sure that the kennel systems are clean and fresh. We do not leave dogs alone in pounds. We like to exercise off of the lead, however we have to have your permission for this.

We micro chip here on site for £15.00 per pet.

We are fortunate enough to own 15 acres of grazing land, which is used on a daily basis to walk/run dogs through without a worry of any other dogs coming onto our land.

Whilst on the walks dogs are talked to and petted so they enjoy their time with the handler.

Cleanliness, this is something that we have received such praise about, it's so important not to allow pets that are use to living in a home environment, think it's acceptable to mess in their kennel system. This is why 3 walks have now been introduced and it seems to working very well.

We also offer an end of stay laundry service free of charge for all the belongings your pet my have brought in with them.

We strongly encourage you to bring in familiar items that your pet would appreciate during their stay with us.

Finally food, yes it's important and is given before the first walk usually, however it's not as important as physical touch, expenditure of the dogs physical energy and seeing a Happy, Healthy Pet fast asleep in their kennel system, which believe me is what happens most of their day.

Our staff have gone from strength to strength, we have had some wonderful temporarily staff over this Summer season. All our staff love animals, understand the importance of physical contact, verbal communication and a clean environment.

Our permanent staff are dedicated individuals who want to progress in careers with animals. All members of staff have the opportunity to complete the NVQ2 in Animal Care.

I myself have no formal qualifications however I love my dogs and am very bossy!!!!!

We will have central heating systems within the boarding kennel area. We have a oil burning boiler that keeps the staff happy on those cold frosty days.

If you would like to come and have a look around our kennels and chat to the staff please feel free to give us a call on either 01530 813145 or 07970 104756.

Thank you

Normal Boarding Times

Can You Please Ensure Your Dogs Are Kept Inside Your Vehicle

Until Collected By A Member Of Staff.

Thank You

Mon - Fri, between 7 - 7.30am & collection between 5 - 5.30pm

Sat - between 7 - 7.30am ONLY

Sun - between 5 - 5.30pm ONLY

Bank Holidays we are only open 5 - 5.30pm

We can offer by special arrangement different booking in and checking out times.

This would cost an additional £30 for each appointment.

We are open all year round to care for your animals, however we are not open for drop off and collections on the following days of the year..... Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Any customers arriving outside of these times please do not open the gates, use the bell system on the gate and wait for a member of staff.

How To Book

By Phone

Please call 01530 813145

Leave your name, contact phone number and e mail address

Leave the date you would like your pet to arrive and depart.

Leave the time slots you would like to arrive and depart - 7-7.30am and/or 5-5.30pm Daily

Someone will call you back within 48hrs

By Email

For Existing Customers

Simply let us have your new dates and time slots and we will e mail you back within 48hrs

For New Customers

Simply let us have your dates and time slots and we will e mail you back within 48hrs

[email protected]

All kennel stays are only confirmed once the deposit is paid

We now offer an end of stay grooming service, if you may be interested, please let us know and we will put you directly in touch with Tanisha, our groomer.

Again, your email will be actioned within 48hrs